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Neuroscience consults LLC (non-clinical) is not devoted to patient care directly.  The primary areas of consulting interest are:

  • Medical and product liability
  • Quality of practice reviews
  • Operating room design
  • Organization of Neuroscience Programs
  • Clinical trial design including safety and efficacy study
  • Medical product design and development
  • Graduate/post-graduate medical education.

OR 21 – The Operating Room of the Future

Dr. Long has been involved for the past 10 years in the development of new concepts of operating room design.  He works with both industry and an architectural firm in matters of both operating room design and interrelated hospital design.

He served as a consultant for the proposed development of a biomedical industrial park and a teaching hospital complex in India, the development of a clinical neuroscience centre in Singapore, the development of a neuroscience center in Chile, and the development of a neuroscience hospital in Saudi Arabia.  He is actively involved in the development of operating room designs, implementing new concepts for operating room function and maintenance.

Combined Neuroscience Programs

Dr. Long with colleagues in neurology and psychiatry developed the clinical neurosciences program at Johns Hopkins which is now nearly 30 years old.  The concept has led to the designation of the clinical neurosciences at Johns Hopkins.  He served as a consultant for the development of neuroscience centers in number of other medical institutions in the United States and elsewhere.  He was active in the development of the National Neuroscience Institute in Singapore and has consulted on similar projects in India, Chile, and Saudi Arabia to help confederate all the neuroscience specialties in teaching and clinical activities.

Competency-based Education

Dr. Long, with Dr. Irving Sherman, championed competency-base education nearly 20 years ago.  He has written and carried out research on this topic.  He currently is a member of an international group dedicated to the implementation of competency as the basis for success in medical education.  He has consulted both nationally and internationally with medical educators on this and related educational topics.  One of his papers on this topic is included in Academic Medicine AM Classics, a compilation of most cited papers from that journal.

I have served as a consultant for a variety of new medical products.  These include brain, spinal cord, and nerve stimulators; computer-controlled implantable drug pumps; spinal fixators and artificial discs; introduction of new drugs for brain and spine injury; and injection for spinal disc herniations.

I have been involved in developing new, minimally invasive techniques for treatment of spinal problems such as facet and disc disease and Tarlov cysts.  I have extensive experience with FDA submissions, safety and efficacy monitoring, and clinical study design for both drugs and devices.

I am happy to discuss potential consultation on any of these topics by telephone or e-mail to expedite decisions about my involvement with any of your needs.


For these consulting topics, please contact Dr. Long at :

Dr. Donlin M. Long, MD, Ph.D.
Phone:  410-614-3536
Fax:   410-955-6407
E-mail:  neuroscienceconsults@gmail.com


Dr. Donlin M. Long, MD, Ph.D.
1447 York Road
Galleria Towers
Suite 406
Lutherville, MD  21093
Telephone:  410-343-3001
E-mail:  Office.NeuroscienceConsults@comcast.net


Patient inquiries and referrals should NOT be directed to the Johns Hopkins office, but should be directed to the Joppa Green II office.