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Pre and Post Aspiration Instructions

Before the procedure

  1. If you take any blood-thinners be sure to tell Dr. Long, and the Interventional Radiologist at least 1 week in advance.
  2. Radiology requires tests for blood clotting before the procedure.
  3. Take nothing by mouth after midnight the evening before aspiration.
  4. Take your usual medications with sips of water on the morning of aspiration.
  5. Arrive on time!
  6. Have someone drive you.
  7. A neuroradiologist will meet with you before the procedure to obtain informed consent.

Have all questions ready!

The procedure is done with intravenous sedation, not general anesthesia.

After the procedure

  1. After the procedure you will be observed in a recovery area until stable.
  2. If you have pain, be sure to tell the nurses, so you can be medicated.
  3. We will supply 2 weeks of pain medication for post procedural pain, if needed.  After that you should see your personal physician(s) for medications.
    If you have allergies or intolerance to medications be sure we know them.
    If you have medications which work especially well, let us know.
    If you are in pain management return to your usual program immediately.
  4. We do not limit your activities after the procedure, but for a short time.  We suggests you rest the evening of the procedure.  For the next 2 days restrict yourself to activities of daily living.  You may resume full activity in 48 hours.  However contact sports and heavy labor should be avoided for 3 weeks.  If you do anything unusually strenuous discuss that with Dr. Long in advance.
  5. Shower or bathe anytime.
  6. Travel by any mode is reasonable the day after the procedure.
  7. If you develop a headache after the procedure call Dr. Long (410-828-7513) or Dr. Kathruia (410-955-8525).
  8. If you do not live in the area you should stay in Baltimore over night.  You may be asked to see Dr. Long the next day before leaving.
  9. You can report the early outcome by e-mail or telephone at anytime.  We want a repeat MRI at 3 months.  Have it sent to us for review.  Report outcome by phone 4-6 weeks after the aspiration, if you have not called earlier.
  10. Call Dr. Long (410-828-7513) for any complications or serious concerns.  If you believe the situation is emergent call 911, or see your family doctor, or go to the nearest emergency room.