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All new prescriptions are given directly to the patient or the pharmacy.   If a refill is needed, the patient should contact the office at least 5 days in advance.  Since it is impossible for the doctor to remember all details in a patient’s chart, all calls for prescriptions or renewals must be made during office hours when the chart is readily available for review.  No evening or weekend requests for new prescriptions or refills will be honored.  This is both for patient and doctor protection.

Under no circumstances will narcotic prescriptions be refilled on a continual basis.  Narcotic prescriptions are only given in the early post-procedure stage or one time for rare situations. Narcotic prescriptions cannot be called to a pharmacy. Refills will not be given for chronic pain relief.  Dr. Long does not practice pain management.  Patients requiring continued pain management are usually referred to a pain management specialist.  Prescriptions written by other physicians will not be refilled.  Please contact the responsible physician for refill or changes.