Neurosurgery - adult and pediatrics


  • Diagnosis of spinal pain
  • Minimally-invasive procedures for spinal disease
  • Skull Base Tumors
  • Chronic Pain
  • Tarlov and Related Spinal Cysts

Dr. Donlin M. Long, MD, PhD is an experienced neurosurgeon who has been involved in all aspects of neurosurgery practice. He is best known as a skull base surgeon (acoustic tumors), and for his expertise in spine and pain. Dr. Long retired from Johns Hopkins and Johns Hopkins Medicine in 2010.   He no longer does major surgery, but in July 2010 opened a private clinical practice with emphasis upon diagnosing spinal problems and treating them with non-operative measures. He also consults on issues of legal liability, product development and liability, medical education issues, neuroscience centers, and operating room design.

Clinical Practice

Dr. Long will close his current office and practice July 1, 2016. He will be available on a limited basis to consult with patients with symptomatic Tarlov cycsts, neurological and spinal issues related to connective tissue disorders, and selected patients with unusual problems related to either of these conditions. The office address and telephone number for appointments will be made availabe on this website as soon as all contracts are finalized. Appointments will not be made until after July 1, 2016.  Dr. Long will continue to do limited numbers of diagnoistic and theraputic block procedures. 

Legal Consults

Product Development and Clinical Research

Dr. Long has been involved with many clinical research projects involving FDA requirements, study design, and safety and efficacy studies.

Neuroscience Consults

OR 21 - The Operating Room of the Future

Dr. Long has worked with industry and architects to develop unique operation room concepts.

Neuroscience Organization and Education

Dr. Long has been involved with development of the Neuroscience Center Concept, and has pioneered competency-based education.